Retro City Rampage Being Unleashed on October 9th

After years of hype and months of speculation as to even a release period, let alone a date, it was announced today that RCR will finally be released on PC, PS3, and the Vita on October 9th. The Sony versions are cross-buy, giving you two versions for the price of one.  Every version will cost $15, and the PC version available on the developer’s site comes with not only a DRM-free download, but also either a Steam or GOG key depending on your preference. Pre-ordering it on PC also gives you a mini-soundtrack, digital game box and cart labels for a more authentic NES feel, digitial game manuals and a 20% off coupon for physical swag like shirts, posters, and pins. RCR has had quite the interesting road to being released, and it’s hard to believe it’s less than a week away.