Ragnarok Odyssey Coming October 30th — For Real This Time

We’ve wanted Ragnarok Odyssey for awhile now. Originally listed at retailers to be coming in August, it was soon pushed back to September. In September, the date was pushed back until October 14th. That date seemed to stick until last week when the date was again changed to October 30th. At this rate, we started to believe the game didn’t actually exist and was an elaborate April Fool’s joke stretched on too long.

Thankfully, the October 30th release date seems to be the real deal, with the official Facebook page confirming it today. It doesn’t seem like the best date, what with like fifteen other games including Vita’s highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation coming out the same day, but let’s not complain at this point. Whatever lets us team up with friends to kill the monsters on the go the fastest works for us.

With the “yes, really” release date comes the launch of the official website, detailing various features of the game through an interactive world map. If you’ve been holding off on pre-ordering until its existence was confirmed, head over to Amazon to snag the still-avaliable Mercenary Edition.