Nitronic Rush Devs Return With Distance

The ex-Digi Pen students at Refract Studios who created the incredible survival racer and love letter to TRON, Nitronic Rush, have returned with its spiritual successor – Distance. It has the same kind of lighting as before, but features even crazier gameplay and will have a more atmospheric world.

The devs have turned to Kickstarter to get this out there and, as with nearly all gaming projects on the service, you get some neat things for your early support. Prospective backers only have until November 16th to donate, but will be rewarded for doing so. $15 or more gets you the beta, the final game, the ability to discuss the game on a private forum, and your name in the credits – not too shabby, eh?

$10 more gets you all that plus a digital download of the OST and an art book while $5 more gets you two copies of everything from the $15 tier.  Those are the lowest tiers and at the highest end, $1,500 gets a custom stunt created with your help and named by you, while $2,500 lets you spend a day with the developers,  $5,000 will get you a custom vehicle, and $10,000 gets you a custom-built arcade machine for the game.