Hitman HD Collection Trophy List Revealed

While the game still doesn’t officially exist (why there isn’t a release date one month away from the Absolution release is a mystery), the Trophy list for the Hitman HD Collection has been revealed. Check them out:

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Perfect Assassin (Platinum)
1st Mission Complete (Bronze)
Silent Assassin (Bronze)
5 Normal Silent Assassins (Silver)
5 Expert Silent ASsassins (Silver)
5 Professional Silent Assassins (Gold)
Normal Mode Complete (Bronze)
Expert Mode Complete (Silver)
Professional Mode Complete (Gold)
All Firearms collected (Gold)
All Melee Weapons collected (Silver)
All Hand Guns collected (Silver)
All Machine Guns collected (Silver)
All Assault Rifles collected (Silver)
All Shotguns collected (Silver)
All Snipe Rifles collected (Silver)
All Heavy Weapons collected (Silver)
1st Kill (Bronze)
47 kills in a mission (Gold)
Headshot (Silver)
Killed the wrong guy (bronze)
Samurai Gaijin (Silver)
Call the caddy (Gold)
Humanist (Silver)
Jack the Ripper (Silver)
Redrum (Silver)

Hitman: Contracts

Hitman: Blood Money

There are some pretty tough achievements in here, sure to keep completists busy for weeks. In other Hitman news, the cover art for the UK version of the game has been released as seen below. While it could certainly change, odds are we see this or a variant thereof when the game comes stateside.