Is LightBox Interactive Shutting Down? [Update]

LightBox Interactive, best known for their single release of Starhawk for the Playstation 3, might be closing their doors this Friday. 3D Realms’ Founder George Broussard tweeted his condolences to all his friends at LightBox today, claiming that layoffs and rumors of the studio’s demise will occur on October 19th, 2012.

“Good luck to my buddies at LightBox in Austin. Layoffs and rumors of near whole studio gone by Friday :(“

There’s still no word out of the Austin-based studio yet, but if this turns out to be true, we only wish the best for the employees and hope they find themselves back in the industry in no time. This is a real bummer considering the studio did an amazing job on Starhawk and really showed their talent; but because of this, they shouldn’t have a difficult time finding work.

[UPDATE: Reports are coming in now that 24 people have been laid off. The studio will remain intact, but will be switching from consoles to mobile development.]