The Last Guardian Pushed To (At Least) 2014

Originally announced in 2009, The Last Guardian has been stuck in development hell. Many predicted this year’s TGS would bring an update to the project, but the convention passed with nary a mention. Some hope came, however, when an unnamed developer working on the project confirmed its existence, stating that it was an “ambitious project” that was “announced too early”.

Unfortunately for fans hoping for a late 2013 release, the game seems to have been pushed to at least early 2014. E-mails went out today from Amazon for pre-orderers stating that the game has a new delivery estimate of “January 02, 2014”. While this is of course a placeholder date, Amazon’s January ___ dates are almost always accurate predictions of the year games ultimately come out. As the last placeholder date was still far off, it’s something that wouldn’t be bothered changing unless they received some word of a delay.

Bad news for those hoping to get their hands on the game in 2013. Check out the e-mail below: