Borderlands 2 Map App Helps Reach Completion

Had enough of Borderlands? We didn’t think so. The brand-new Borderlands 2 Official Map App released by BradyGames was made for all those who wish to have an accomplished game file.

The app was built for convenience, allowing players to pull up full map layouts of every area in the game. It comes equipped with a legend that reveals the exact location of tons of goodies. Rare chests, collectables, ECHO recorders, and Cult of the Vault locations are revealed, with the ability to check them off once you’ve found them. It’s handy if you ever need to pause for a bit and you know…use the facilities; it gives you something to do.

Since its most recent update October 17th, the app is less than immaculate. Reviewers have wished for a more user-friendly interface and with a $3.01 price tag, many gamers will question whether its better to simply find the information online.  The app is fully functional and beneficial to gameplay, however, so it may be worth it simply to own anything Borderlands. Head over here to check out the Android version and here for iOS.