American Express Rewarding $25 to Gamers Who Beat Halo 4

Sure, Halo 4 is great and everything, but beating it takes time that could be spent pre-ordering other games. To assist with that, American Express is offering $25 to cardholders who beat it.

The money will be rewarded via statement credit to those who complete the Halo 4 campaign on Normal or harder (signified by the “Wake Up, John” achievement) and sync their card. Part of their new “Sync” program, all you have to do is register your Amex card online (pre-paid cards are ineligible) to receive an access code, head over to the American Express tile in the Xbox 360 dashboard enter the code and agree to share your gamertag with American Express. Once synced, a list of eligible offers will be shown on the tile, the Halo 4 offer being one of the first.

Simply synching your card will net you a $10 statement credit on your next bill, so it is certainly something worth looking into for cardholders. Finally, credit cards have a use besides accumulating crushing debt.