China Gets Snazzy 3DS XL Variants

While the 3DS may be made in China, the market there to actually, you know, play it is relatively small. In fact, Nintendo has skipped officially launching the 3DS in the country until now. In December, three exclusive 3DS XL models will be released in China, all feautring Mario-inspired art. Two consoles feature a handsome crest while the other boasts some neat checkboard-style markings.

Each console comes preloaded with Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land. It’s an interesting move for Nintendo to have an official roll out of a console in a country so notorious for gaming piracy, but perhaps this is just another sign of the international times.

Unfortunately for those dedicated enough to import a console for a color, the Chinese 3DS XL will be specially region coded and unable to play games from any other country. Still, you could always try swapping cases; surely it wouldn’t void any warranties.

Check out some pics below:

 Source: iQue