It’s On: Kong Off II Looks To Crown New Donkey Kong Champion

Anyone who’s seen The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters knows how competitive Donkey Kong can be; what is a nostalgic retro game for some is a source of absolute devotion and heated rivarlies for others. It’s not hard to see why the game has spawned a competitive sub-culture — challenging a friend to one round on the game could lead to hours of quarter chomping for even the most casual of players. Known as the “Super Bowl” of competitive Donkey Kong (hearing those three words together makes life worth living), The Kong Off is set to hold its second event, sensibily dubbed The Kong Off II, in Denver this November.

Taking place between November 16-18th at The 1up Arcade/Bar in Denver, the event will feature 12 of the world’s best players (including Steve Wiebe, Billy Mitchell and current world record holder Hank Chien) duking it out to see who is truly the King of Kong. Proving the magnitude of Donkey Kong tournaments, the event will be open to the public. VIP Wristbands are available for $45 that allow the holder to skip the line at the door all weekend (it’s expected to draw quite a crowd) and come and go as she/he (probably he) pleases.

To qualify for the tournament, you must have a verified score of 1 million points or better (a very hard to reach milestone as this Donkey Kong owner knows all too well), but those interested in playing in the tournament as a “Wild Card” entry can do so for $30.

A bonafide tournament, the top three players will be awarded cash prizes including $2000 for the champion, $500 for second place and $250 for third. Anyone who breaks a world record will also receive up to $250.

Check out the official Kong Off II website for more details and venue information.