Johnny Hotshot Takes Aim on 3DS

Giving up hand-to-hand combat and picking up a firearm, Johnny Kung-Fu’s eponymous hero is set to star in a shooting game logically dubbed “Johnny Hotshot”. Warped into one of his favorite arcade games, Cowboy Hotshot, Johnny takes on the role of sheriff to take on bandits lead by Dr. Wang (also making his return). Due out November 8th on the Nintendo eShop, the game features three modes including Shooting Gallery, Saloon Shootout and Catch ‘Em All. Shooting Gallery and Sallon Shootouts are the premiere modes, where players use the touch screen to fire at various targets, including Mr Wang’s Bandits. Shooting fast and accurately increases your score, with a certain amount of targets that must be taken out before the clock strikes zero. Catch ‘Em All also looks like a diverting feature, where bandits must be lassoed via horseback before they escape.

At just $5.99, Johnny Hotshot should prove a smart buy for those who want some simple touchscreen shooting action and fans of Johnny’s previous exploits.

Check out the launch trailer below: