Dragonborn: New Downloadable Content

We know you’ve spent hundreds of hours exploring every inch of Tamriel and clearing out all the caves this past year. Now it’s time to lace up those elven boots once again. Coming December 4th for Xbox 360 is Skyrim’s latest addition — Dragonborn.

Wait, I know what you’re thinking, “But I’m already the Dragonborn.” You’re right, you are, but this isn’t about you as the Dragonborn. The self-titled expansion involves traveling throughout a new land, the island of Solstheim, and the return of the very first Dragonborn in existence.

Based on a recently released trailer, we can figure out some of the new features. Solstheim is located northeast of Skyrim, with an environment similar to the Dunmer homeland of Morrowind. New armor includes Bonemold and Stalhrim both of which made their first appearance in Elder Scrolls III. The use of spears seems to be apparent as well. Now there are two Olympic events to play around with: archery and javelin. Riekling are blue-skinned creatures thought to be ancestors to the long lost Snow Elve and can be found riding Tusked Bristlebacks to war.

Since the events in this new content take place so close to Marrowind and involve a bit of Dunmer flare, this could be a link to Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. That game was released in 2002, taking over ten years to bring the story back around. Enjoy all the wonder of Dragonborn by viewing the clip below. Watch the skies, traveler.