Indie Royale Harvest Bundle Available

November’s just getting started and beyond some incredible Black Friday deals being released over the past day, now we’ve got a new Indie Royale bundle available. Mutant Mudds provides some 2D platforming fun, while Pineapple Smash Crew gives you some group twin stick shooting, and Spirits provides a gorgeous puzzple-platforming experience, while Avernum 4, 5, and 6 give you some 3/4 overhead RPG gaming, and BasketBelle provides some quick platforming action with a unique look to it.

The current minimum is a hair under $5, which also gets you OSTs for Spirits and BasketBelle, along with a sketchbook for the latter. $8 or more gets you an Indie Royale Special Collection album from Data Airlines. I doubt you get complimentary peanuts, but probably get some good tunes to listen to instead. Mutant Mudds is fun enough and Avernum PSC, Spirits, and BasketBelle easily look like they’re worth $5.