Bizarre Version of “Spin the Bottle” Coming to Wii U

We need more games that provide better excuses to kiss each other. Sure, you could get away with stealing a smooch from the person next to you on the couch after beating a tough level of Black Ops II (“YES, I beat it! Whoops, look what just totally happened by accident…”), but that’s at the risk of getting slapped. Developer Knapnok Games has finally brought the best way to randomly kiss people without risking painful repurcusions, Spin the Bottle, to the video game format. Debuting in Spring 2013 exclusively for Wii U, Spin the Bottle takes cues from Johann Sebastian Joust and has players turn off their TV and use only the Wii U Game Pad and Wii Remotes to play.

Players sit in a circle around the Wii U Game Pad and spin a virtual bottle to decide to two people to take on a challenge. The challenges are carried out with the Wii Remotes and involve “tight coordination, daring trust, body contact or extreme flexibility”. Uh, yes please.

Check out a trailer below to understand just how aberrant this game is. Plus, it accomplishes something never before done in a game: “Gameplay that makes the players look at each other”.