Virtue’s Last Reward Pre-Order Watches Brought Back For Charity

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward wasn’t just a really awesome game, but one with one of the best product tie-ins and pre-order bonuses out there – a sweet watch made to look like the in-game death trap (minus the injections and certain death) if you pre-ordered. Now, Aksys is bringing the item back for a limited time for $28 – $20 of that is for the item and $8 is for shipping. The $20 goes to charity as a donation to the American Red Cross to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The watch is limited to one per customer, and will arrive with a black frame with silver trim and one of three colors (red, blue, or green) on its screen. However, due to short supplies, you aren’t able to choose your color. Quite frankly, they look awesome with any color, so it’s not a big deal.