It’s Official: DmC Demo Available November 20th

Leaked a few weeks ago, Capcom has officially confirmed release dates for the long-awaited demo of DmC: Devil May Cry. Five years since the last title came out, we’ll finally be able to get our hands on some new dante-less fun. On November 20th, fans in the United States can download the demo on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It will contain two action-filled levels – one of which is a big, bad, boss battle.

The demo will even include some of the new difficulty settings for all you devilishly awesome at the game. One, called Son of Sparda, give the enemies a remix. They have new layouts, more strength, and high intelligence. That mode is only available by completing one run through the whole game, but you get to check it out before the game even comes out; how lucky are you? Capcom also gives access to a variety of weaponry and some special secrets — secrets so exciting it required a winky emoticon face. You know it’s good.

Just to give you a treat ourselves, here are the rest of the modes available in the full version. Dante Must Die is the same as the aforementioned one except it contains the toughest bad guys from the game as well as crazy attack waves. Another remixed mode is Heaven or Hell. Everything dies in one hit, doesn’t matter if it’s an enemy or Dante. The fourth is the most difficult; in Hell and Hell, only Dante dies after getting hit once and major damage must still be inflicted on the enemies. You better hone your skills thoroughly before even thinking about these crazy playthroughs.