GOG Offers Up Five Games For $10 Deal

GOG has a special deal going until 11/27 that allows you to pick five games from a giant list for a mere $10. Included in the sale are Resonance, Botanicula, To the Moon, Gemini Rue, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Blackwell Bundle, Torchlight, Uplink: Hacker Elite, Geneforge 1-5, Machinarium CE, Spacechem, Defcon, Trine, Symphony, Darwinia, Mutant Mudds, Anomaly Warzone Earth, Multiwinia, Unmechanical, and the Ball. While some of these games have been in bundles before, Symphony and American Nightmare haven’t, and the Alan Wake games rarely go on sale as it is. This is a must-have if you’ve missed out on those games, or Trine, Botanicula and To the Moon – which all provide memorable and yet very different experiences.