Steam Autumn Sale Goes Live

WHAT IS UP WITH ALL THE SAVINGS THIS WEEK!? It’s like there’s some darkly-tinted day of savings. Steam’s Autumn Sale slashes prices on a bunch of games every day until 11/26 and features some flash deals as well. These don’t involve nudity or save data, but allow you to save more money. Today’s deals include X-Com: Enemy Unknown for $33.49, Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 for $5, The Walking Dead for $12.50, Darksiders 2 for $17, Age of Empires III Complete for $10, and Terraria for $3.39.

Flash sales bring Intrusion 2 down to $3.39, the Amazing Spider-Man is $25, Operation Flashpoint’s franchise will set you back $13.74, Payday the Heist costs $5, while LIMBO and Star Wars: KOTOR II are $2.50 each. Then there are a whole slew of indie games on sale too. These include Sanctum, World of Goo, Waves, Audiosurf, Cave Story, and EYE: Divine Cybermancy for $2.50 each while QUBE gets a strange $3.74 price, KRATER is $5.09, and Fortune Summoners is $10.