Meet the Newest Mystery Solving Team

You’ve heard of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, Scooby-Doo and the gang, heck, even Batman and Robin have gotten thrown into the mix. Now, there are two more names to add to that list– Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright.


Allow us to rephrase. Together, they are an odd couple, sure. However, both Layton and Wright have had a multitude of success with their respective series but now they are coming together in one game. Although it was announced in 2010, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney recently released some footage of the crossover. Two videos were posted only a couple days apart.

Professor Layton, Luke, Phoenix Wright, and Maya Fey are mysteriously transported to the Medieval past. It’s filled with the usual knights and chivalry, even witches. A man by the name of the Storyteller, has the power to make anything he writes down become reality. Professor Layton, Phoenix Wright and their companions arrive in a village that has had quite a peculiar atmosphere lately. The group meets a young lady named Mahoney Katalucia who is accused of being a witch. Professor Layton will spend most of his time gathering evidence to help Mahoney, while Phoenix tries his best to defend her in court.

They all work together to figure what’s going on. Sometimes Phoenix and Luke will work together and other areas it could be Luke with Maya. In the game, you’ll ask villagers for their sides of the story, what their opinions are. A variety of brain-busting puzzles will be played, including a clock setting one and doll making one. Discover hidden secrets in a nearby forest, figure out why the chivalry code has not been as thorough, and find clues to help rid Mahoney of those accusations.

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorneyis being released November 29th in Japan. It will cost around 6,000 Yen which converts to about 70 USD. As both characters have a cult following here, hopefully it makes its way to the United States quickly. There will even be downloadable content for the game, meaning that wherever you live, you’ll surely get your moneys worth.

Case closed.