Bioshock Infinite Box Art Revealed

While most games we’d just just pass off box art reveals, Bioshock Infinite is one we can’t avoid. This long in development title has had a struggle to see the light of day, and the box art reveal signifies that the development process is nearly complete. It’s only a little over two more months before the game will ship, so here’s a peek at what you can expect to have on your shelf in February.

The Playstation 3 box art is probably the least attractive with the “Only On Playstation” logo, the Playstation Move sticker, and a giant icon saying that the original Bioshock is also included. While it doesn’t hinder the game in any means, and definitely doesn’t rival something like Batman: Arkham City’s Game of the Year packaging, it isn’t exactly the most appealing art that you’d want in your collection. It doesn’t help that¬†Booker DeWitt’s epic pose is cut off at the¬†abdomen, but I guess throwing in a four year old game is a nice touch.