Dragonborn Arrives on PS3 and PC Early Next Year

Tomorrow, Bethesda Softworks will release another piece of downloadable content to the ever growing world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (and likely preparing it for itsĀ inevitableĀ game of the year edition), but this will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 — at least for awhile. Bethesda has announced today through their blog that the Playstation 3 and PC versions of Skyrim will receive the Dragonborn DLC early into next year.

It’s a weird time we live in, at least for gaming, where timed-exclusive downloadable content is being bought and used as a reason for purchasing specific consoles. Regardless, all users will eventually receive the same package, but some earlier than others. Dragonborn will be priced at 1600 Microsoft Points and $19.99 for when it hits Playstation Network and Steam.