Steam Big Picture Launches With Deals Aplenty

Steam’s new Big Picture mode has gone from beta to public and as this handy video shows, it’s a must-have feature for those who want to combine controller-based gaming and PC functionality with their TVs. To celebrate the more user-friendly experience, 40 fully controller-supported games have been put on sale. Highlights include Sonic Generations for $7.50, Hell Yeah! for $3.74, Tiny and Big for $2.50, LIMBO for $2.50, They Bleed Pixels for $3.39, Alan Wake for $7.50 while its American Nightmare is $3.75, and a slew of Lego-based games are $10 and under, including Lego Batman 2 and Harry Potter Years 5-7. The sale gives you an excuse to try out some games you might’ve missed, but really just acts as a way to get you to try Big Picture.

The UI has a simplistic look to it, but is incredibly easy to navigate with. The web browser’s ‘daisy wheel’ design for text seems weird until you use it. Unlike the usual on-screen keyboard, this setup assigns a certain letter setup to a position on the daisy wheel and you just move the stick to the letter set you need and click the button on your 360 pad. It works really quickly and the shortcuts for space, backspace, and the like make sense and will probably become second nature after a little while. So far, Big Picture is a lot of fun to use, and if you’ve shied away from PC gaming due to having to use a keyboard and mouse to enjoy it at times, I recommend trying it out to see if it works as a gateway for PC gaming.