Final Fantasy IV Coming to Every Device Ever… err, iOS and Android.

It’s pretty apparent Square-Enix is pushing this mobile gaming thing hard. Their latest attempt to make up for their financial blunders is the release of Final Fantasy 4 on iOS on December 20, with an Android version in tow sometime this coming Spring. The game will be based off the 3D remake for DS, and will cost an arm and a leg $22, so go ahead and cringe at that. You can also sit there and stare at the screen wide-eyed and confused, as you try and count the number of platforms on which this game has appeared. By our count, Square is up to nine — NINE! That’s about eight too many.

Final Fantasy 4 may be one of the absolute best in the series, but it doesn’t need this many releases – we’ve all played the game already! How could anyone have missed it?! This is as bad as Sega with Crazy Taxi.