G4 to be Rebranded as Esquire Channel

Back in September, it was announced that G4 would be given a makeover to become more “chic” and “guy-centric” in 2013. That was confirmed today, with parent company NBCUniversal closing a deal with Esquire owners Hearst Corporation to rebrand the channel as, you guessed it, “Esquire Channel”. The move is designed to give cable TV a men’s channel for the more stylish man.

It’s always sad to see a gaming outlet ride off into the sunset, but in all honesty, G4 was not much of one anymore. Cops and Cheaters can find homes at 2 A.M. on local network TV, while the only worthwhile program at this point, Ninja Warrior, has already been tested on NBC and will likely find a summer home there.

The channel will focus on cooking, travel, fashion and more when it reboots in the first half of 2013. It will be nice to finally have a channel with men-centric programming (and likely Mad Men repeats) that’s not about smashing beer cans on your head, winning at beer pong, how to binge drink without brain damage and various other “MANswers”.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter