Street Fighter X Mega Man Coming 12/17

Mega Man’s been dormant since his creator left Capcom and Mega Man Legends 3 was canned, but fans of the blue bomber have gotten a nice surprise over the weekend – a crossover with Street Fighter is coming soon. In a little over a week, a new Mega Man game with Street Fighter characters in place of the regular boss characters. On the seventh, you’ll be able to download the game on your PC for free via Capcom Unity. The reveal trailer shows classic Mega Man action blended with YOGA FIRE and even Rolento, adding a bit of Fight Fight to this crossover experience. Beyond new stages and bosses, it will also have classic MM and SF-style music arranged by A_Rival. It’s kind of hard to believe we’ll be getting something with so much effort behind it for free, but it’s a very pleasant surprise and will hopefully be used as a test by Capcom to gauge interest in future Mega Man projects.