Lost Planet Spin-Off Gets Lost in Translation

Had dreams of playing Capcom’s flashy, anime action title, E.X. Troopers, in English? You know, E.X. Troopers… it’s that Lost Planet game that doesn’t look like a Lost Planet game? No, nothing? For shame! Well, nevertheless, if you were one of the people sleeping with your pajamas on backward every night and doing ritualistic dances in hopes that the North-American-localization gods above would answer your desperate prayers and bring this game stateside, then you can just go ahead and cease those behaviors now. You can stop altogether actually because a localization ain’t going to happen according to Capcom USA.

To give a little background, E.X. Troopers is a spin-off of the infinitely underwhelming Lost Planet series, and is designed specifically to cater more to the traditional Japanese gamer’s taste. With a heavy anime draw, bombastic colors and four-player co-op , this shooter is certainly in line with that idea. Because of this hyper-Japanese style, though, Capcom USA’s Senior Vice-President, Christian Svensson, stated on Capcom’s forums that the game, “was not planned for Western release… You can tell this because all the text is ‘hard coded’ as actual art. The text isn’t just standard ‘text’ that could be swapped relatively easily.” To crush your hopes even further, he went on to say: “To localize a release, one would have to redo a ton of art in the game, not just do the localization and loc QA.” Womp, womp.

Despite the intentional design to captivate the hearts of J-gamers, E.X. Troopers has been off to a sluggish start thus far. Selling only 17,400 copies on 3DS, and even less on PS3, at launch doesn’t spell good news for the Big C. This is especially baffling, and extremely disheartening, considering the star-studded cast that worked on the game. Perhaps anything bearing even the smallest resemblance to Lost Planet is doomed for failure in Japan.