Watch: Metro: Last Light “Genesis” Trailer

At this point, we might as well just devote our editorial body to posting Metro: Last Light trailers; it seems like a new one is coming out every day. Still, as Metro: Last Light needs to be a big seller for THQ, there’s few better ways to build excitement than an ever-flowing stream of trailers — especially when they’re of the quality that these have been so far.

In the latest trailer, dubbed “Genesis”, a narrator reads passages from the Book of Genesis while conflicting views of the world post-apocolypse are shown. It’s a disheartening trailer that continues to prove just how unimaginably awful the world of Metro: Last Light is. Let’s pray there’s never an apocalypse like that one (especially in a few weeks), and if there is, John Cusack is still around to shepherd us to a better tomorrow.

Check out the trailer below: