Indie Royale Xmas Bundle 2.0 Released

The Indie Royale bundle is back with the Xmas Bundle 2.0. It gives you Colour Blind, the puzzle-platformer Offspring Fling, two Serious Sam games in the Contra-esque Double D and Legend of Zelda-styled Random Encounter as well as the point-and-click game Puzzlebots, and the strategy game Little Kingdom for a shade under $5 right now. Spend $3 more and get Yoann Turpin’s “Rhythm ‘n Bits” album. The Serious Sam series has been in other bundles, but not these particular games which seem worth the $5 on their own and Offspring Fling looks pretty fun too. There’s a lot of variety and it seems like an easy bundle to recommend if you’re in the mood for either some action, platforming, or strategy gaming.