Namco Bandai’s Rich Bantegui “Blown Away By the Interest” in Project X Zone

Project X Zone needs to happen. The cross between Namco Bandai, Capcom and Sega is a match made in heaven that deserves to be played by every 3DS owner. Perhaps that’s why there’s been such a large push by American gamers to get the game localized (well, that or the 10 minute + trailers that keep teasing us). The community outpour has been great enough that even Namco Bandai can’t ignore it. Namco Bandai Games Community Strategist Rich Bantegui took to Twitter today to answer the question “When will he see project x zone announcement”, to which Bantegui responded “…just like my recent answer — I haven’t heart [sic] any news. But im blown away by the amount of interest in the title.”

While it would have been better if he had heard news about a possible port, the fact that the company’s Community Strategist is “blown away” by the interest in one own of his company’s titles is a great indication of a push the U.S. division could give to bring the title stateside.

Proof that fans becoming obsessed with a game can make a difference.