Scott Pilgrim DLC Cancelled?

Remember when Ubisoft said they’d release DLC for Scott Pilgrim on August 19th, 2012? Then you surely remember August 20th when Ubisoft announced it was pushed into the fall. Now that it’s winter and almost 2013, some fans are getting understandable antsy. One such fan e-mailed Ubisoft asking when the DLC was coming out and was told “”I am afraid that the DLC content has been cancelled and is not going to be released. I am sorry for the inconvenience.” Unfortunately, other forum posters begin e-mailing and receiving similar responses as seen below:

That one has the Ubisoft Customer Support Agent stating in response “I can honestly say that the content has been cancelled at this time, due to a lack of interest in the product. I am sorry for the inconvenience”. Lack of interest? Ouch.

For those unaware, the DLC pack was supposed to include long-awaited online online multiplayer as well as the fan-favorite Wallace as a playable character. While the whole “lack of interest” thing makes sense as the game is over two years old, the fact that Ubisoft bothered pushing the date back in August and adding trophy support for it on PSN is odd. We’ve e-mailed Ubisoft (outside of standard customer support) to see if they can confirm this disappointing news.