TVii To Go Live

Clever name, right? The television application for the Wii U is ready to launch. December 20th will see the reinvention of watching your favorite shows, movies and sports. Those lucky enough to own a Wii U are in for a real treat.

The handheld component is used as a sort of remote control/laptop hybrid. The console can be connected to a number of video streaming services such as Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video. It will also support cable and satellite products. This combination allows customers to browse and view programs from any of the services. Netflix and Tivo are scheduled to be included in early 2013.

As mentioned before, you’ll be able to watch sports, but not just prerecorded games — actual live broadcasting. Using the¬†Wii U control you can choose whether to watch shows and movies either through one of your instant services or if the show is currently on television you can view it there. Tapping the screen tunes your TV to that channel. The screen also provides summaries, original air dates and parental guidance ratings.

The control has more surprises. You can access a number of websites while your program is running. Interact with friends by updating Twitter or search Wikipedia and IMDB to learn about what you watch. Reviews of programs are even provided by Rotten Tomatoes. The Wii U GamePad also has Mii channels serving as each person’s individual playlists. Mom, dad and little Jimmy can switch between profiles and it will display favorite shows and movies for each of them. TVii looks easy to navigate and it’s free, making at least worth a shot for all Wii U owners.