“Halo 2600” Poster Inspires Atari Nostalgia

Gaming memorbila that merges old school and modern properties are the best. Sure, you may love Halo, but it’d be a bit generic to simply adorn your wall with a poster of Master Chief dual wielding machine guns. No, you demand the finer things in life; something that shows the world “I’m a gamer, but I don’t pound cans of Bud Light with a backwards cap on as I sit on the couch playing shooters with my bros”. Enter the “Halo 2600″ Poster.

Designed by Monkey Labs and Brian O, the poster features a 8-bit image of Master Chief made up entirely of the Atari 2600 source code. Instead of a simple novelty, however, it’s intended as a piece of art. Measuring 24″ x 36” and printed on 28lb movie poster stock, it’s truly a piece suitable for framing.

The poster is avaiable for pre-order now via the AtariAge forums and runs a very reasonable $20 + shipping. It may be the best way to satisfy your Halo-loving friends while keeping your dignity intact.