Pump it Up Fiesta 2 2013 Tournament Going Down in Florida

It may about to be 2013, but arcade dance tournaments are still going as strong as ever. Oh, who are we kidding, there hasn’t been a sanctioned dance-off in at least seven years. You’d have to fly to Florida to find something like that. Literally, apparently.

On January 19th, 2013, Miami arcade hotspot Arcade Odyssey will be hosting a Pump it Up Fiesta 2 2013 tournament. The first arcade in America to receive the new game, it will surely attract gamers from out of state to prove their dancing prowess. Registration takes place on the 13th at 12PM, while the competition will kick of at 3. Like all arcade tournaments, there are a ton of rules, which can be seen on the event page on Facebook.

Before you ask, no, we won’t sponsor your trip.