Sony Offers Up Pre-New Year’s Savings

Possibly preparing for the PlayStation faithful to be drunk out of their minds tomorrow, Sony has wisely put a sale up today in case you’re unable to grasp a controller tomorrow. The Holiday Essentials sale continues today and goes until 1/7 with with some incredible prices for Plus members. Arkham City goes from $30 to $21 for regular and $14.70 for +, while Infamous 2 goes from $20, to $14, to free for+ while Infamous: Festival of Blood goes from $10, to $7, to $4.90. Other notable savings include Lumines Electronic Symphony going from $36 down to $25, and then to $17.49 for +, while Shadow of the Colossus goes from $20 to $14 to $9.80 for +, Skullgirls goes from $15 to $10.50 to $7.35 for + and Sound Shapes on the PS3 and Vita goes from $15 to $10.49 to $7.35 for +. The beloved sleeper hit Tokyo Jungle gets its most appealing price point yet as it falls from $15 to $10.50 to $7.35 for +, while Touch My Katamari (hopefully not in a special area) goes from $25 to $18 to $12.25 with +.

The Infamous games have been on sale recently enough for Halloween that they aren’t quite jaw-dropping, but it’ll probably be a while before TMK and Lumines drops any lower, and I doubt Sound Shapes and Tokyo Jungle will ever be available for less than this unless they’re thrown in as Plus freebies, and even then, you’ve got to weigh the cost of the game now versus not being able to play them should you let your Plus subscription expire. Shadow of the Colossus is a must-play experience, but its price isn’t all that amazing since the physical version with Ico is only $20 and gives you more value for your money along with some gorgeous reversible cover art. Skullgirls didn’t blow my mind, but if you’re dying for some 2D fighting on the system and the recently-free KOF XIII wasn’t enough to scratch that itch, you could do far worse than picking that up.