Jet Set Radio $2.38 at Green Man Gaming

The Green Man Gaming deals just keep coming! The online downloadable retailer has just slashed the price of Jet Set Radio HD from $9.99 to $3.39. As if that weren’t enough, using the limited time 30% off code (GMG30-DPLIM-DN831) drops the game to an astonishingly low $2.38 — more than 75% off the original price. The code can be used multiple times, so if you’ve already used it, you should be good to go again. The discounted price lasts the next 24 hours and, as always, the purchase nets a Steam code.

While Jet Set Radio (formerly “Jet Grind Radio”) hasn’t aged as well as its successor, Jet Set Radio Future, it’s certainly worth checking out for a few bucks for anyone who has yet to experience the grind or wants a heaping helping of nostalgia — so long as you have a gamepad to play it on, as we imagine playing it on a keyboard would be quite awful.