A Live Chronicle of Ragnarok Online 2


Ragnarok Online was a huge hit back in the day. As one of the first, popular free-to-play MMORPGs, it offered much in the way of bringing aspects of Everquest and World of Warcraft to the likes of those looking for similar, but cheaper, experiences. Even with its aged mechanics, Ragnarok Online has managed to stay alive over the years, and is actually still playable. But as they say, nothing gold can stay, and RO, in terms of mainstream popularity and significance, fell from its throne as a result of nothing other than the crippling ways of time.

However, Ragnarok Online 2 has been in development for quite some time. Actually, it’s been out in Korea since March. Talks of it coming to the west have been happening for what feels like years, though finally, that seemingly pipe dream becomes a reality. Ragnarok Online 2’s open beta has commenced, and Hardcore Gamer will be partaking in it. Thus, I (Bradly Hale) will be liveblogging my time with the game, providing you an in-depth look at what it has to offer along with the thoughts of my journey.

So check back, and check back often for updates throughout the day, as well as over the next few days for all the insider goodness.

Do note that there are plenty of spoilers to be found in the entries below. Consider yourself warned.