GameStick Hopes to Join TV-Based Android Market via Kickstarter

The Android-based TV gaming market is going to be tested in 2013. Beyond the already-announced Ouya reaching its Kickstarter goal and shipping out dev units, we’ve now got the GameStick throwing its hat into the ring. For $80, you’re able to get a console and controller and in a twist, the GameStick’s USB flash drive-sized system is able to fit inside the presently-prototyped NES-style pad. With two sticks and plenty of buttons, the pad looks like it could at least get the job done in its present stage, but wouldn’t exactly win any awards for beauty. Those looking for a better-looking pad to play the system with will be happy to know that it supports any Bluetooth pad with HID, including the Greenthrottle pad.

The GameStick’s creators seem to be aiming for a slightly different market than the Ouya by keeping game costs at a few dollars, while Ouya’s seek to allow at least some portion of all games to be free for players to try out. One may expect the games to be visually lacking, but the pitch video on their Kickstarter shows some really-nice looking stuff, including an FPS.  If this sounds like a project that interests you, feel free to send some money their way and help get it to the next level.