Virtual Boy Faceball Release Detailed

Last week, we reported that the long lost Virtual Boy version of Faceball had been discovered and subsequently purchased by a party that had plans to release it to the public. That plan has come to fruition, with said party (Bigmak aka Eric) announcing details for the physical release of the game.

$100 will get you a complete boxed copy of the prototype, including a manual, handmade cartridge and, of course, a box with inserts. For those who want a more special piece, a $200 hand-numbered limited edition will be made available by pre-order only. This version includes a poster, hint book and variant artwork. While yet to be confirmed, there’s also the possibility of a mini-disk with music and an early-release. Perhaps the most notable inclusion will be two different roms, one the original and one a homebrew version that improves game functionality.

If the release seems expensive, don’t forget that the ROMs will be released for free after this initial release and it is said to have cost over $10,000 to acquire. Eric has refused private donations and will be making $45 off the regular edition and $120 from the special editionĀ — so all things considered, it’s very reasonable considering it will probably still result in a loss.

The pre-order will be rolled out in mid-February/early-March. Check out a video of the game below.