PSN Update Brings A Slew of Dollar Game Deals

Beyond ‘just’ Mega Man 9+10 being free alongside the God of War: Ascension beta launch, this week’s PS Store Update drops a ton of game prices as well. 15 games saw their prices drop down to a mere 99 cents today. Blokus Move, Brain Challenge for both the PSP and PS3, BreakQuest, Dungeon Hunter: Alliance, Earthworm Jim HD, Hero of Sparta, Jane’s Hotel, Let’s Golf, Modern Combat: Domination, NOVA, Normaltanks, Tank Battles, TV Show King, and UNO will now cost you very little. While this isn’t a huge drop for the PS Mini games, it is a massive one for DHA, which drops from $13, while Earthworm Jim comes down from its prior $10 perch.

Of these games, there are a few definite must-owns here. Earthworm Jim HD is an amazing value for anyone who loves 2D platformers, you can never go wrong with a game of UNO, Modern Combat is a fine Modern Warfare clone and a great buy for super-casual FPS fans who just want to play something in the genre casually, and Let’s Golf delivers a fine Hot Shots Golf clone for a buck, while anyone in the mood for some hacking and/or slashing will want to buy DHA. These are all sale prices and aren’t listed under the permanent price drops area, so you’ll want to grab these ASAP if they strike your fancy.