Square Enix Teases Final Fantasy VI: All the Bravest on New Website

Square Enix has just launched a new website teasing a mysterious announcement on 1.17. The site currently contains only large pixelated silhouettes with “1.17” in bold letters. The URL is “http://www.jp.square-enix.com/ff_atb/”, which leads us to believe that it is not only a Final Fantasy title, but one with the subtitle “All the Bravest”, a name the company trademarked in December.

Furthermore, on closer inspection, the silhouette seems to be the same as the Behemoth sprite from Final Fantasy VI as seen here:


Taken together, all of the clues seem to hint at new version of Final Fantasy VI. As Square is keen on releasing the older Final Fantasy games on iOS, we could certainly see it end up being a mobile game or perhaps even a 3DS/Vita re-imagining.

Regardless of platform, if it does turn out to be a FFVI update, it will certainly be exciting to visit its fantastic universe again. Do you deduct the same as us? Sound off below!

UPDATE 1/17/13: Well, we here half right. Square Enix has released Final Fantasy All the Bravest for iOS devices. The game is not a remake of Final Fantasy VI, however, but instead a touch-action RPG utilizing the ATB system. Check out all the details.