DmC: Devil May Cry Metabombed by Users

Devil May Cry “fans” just won’t give up. Ever since the game was first announced, there’s been a small, but vocal, angry mob virtually storming Capcom with pitchforks and torches over losing their white haired demon and gaining a brunette rebel. Even though practically everybody who got their hands on an extended form of the game the past year championed its quality and it ended up receiving rave reviews, “fans” (and that term will remain in quotes) remain in denial that it could be anything but a bad game. As the game is currently sitting at a 86 metascore and many gamers are enjoying the reboot, what’s left to do besides screaming at cars on street corners? Metabomb it, of course.

As of right now, the 360 version of the game sits at a 3/10 userscore based on 208 ratings, while the PS3 version has 2.9/10 userscore based on 194 ratings. Scorned fans are vengeful; the same thing happened to both Mass Effect 3 and Resident Evil 6. But scorned fans in denial? Again, anything short of screaming at cars…and perhaps even that too.

Of course, this will have little effect on the sales or public reaction of the game — both which should turn out to be glowing. After all, try taking something like this seriously:

 “got to the point of the game where vergil shoots a pregnant lady in the womb. Wow. Great gameplay and story. I wish all games had the option to kill unborn HUMAN BABIES. This game is very offensive, do not buy it or even LOOK AT IT”