Bundle Stars #2 – Indie Jam Bundle Launched

The Indie Jam Bundle gets you the shooter Dead Horde, the RTS Future Wars, another shooter in the form of Greed, a tactical shooter in Stellar Impact, Grotesque Tactics: Premium Edition, the physics-based first-person game Twin Sector, Unstoppable Gorg, and the zombie-filled Trapped Dead for $5.50. Two mystery games will be unlocked in the future, and for a limited time, the first Bundle Stars bundle is available as well. $6.69 for the Dynamite bundle gets you Men of War: Vietnam, Off-Road Drive, Reign: Conflict of Nations, Death to Spies: Moment of Truth, Death Track: Resurrection, Star Wolves 2, Real Warfare 1242, and Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades. The first bundle features a nice mix of strategy gaming with some more action-oriented fare and a pair of racing games well. Every game in the Bundle Stars bundles is playable on Steam, and a portion of the proceeds go to support the Special Effect charity.