Super Hexagon Now Available on Android

It’s been nearly six months since Super Hexagon hit iOS devices, and barely three since it was released for Steam, but the challenging puzzler has finally made its way to Android devices. For a limited time, SH will be available for 99 cents instead of its usual $3-ish price tag. This version is reported to work with pretty much everything, but as noted on the game’s app page, does have some issues on the Nexus 7 that the developer is working on fixing.

Anyone with an Android device that has been interested in the game, but didn’t feel like risking $3 on it, should at least give it a shot for ONE DOLLAR. Seriously, it’s a buck — you get more than that back in change during a midnight run to 7-11. At that price, it’s  even worth taking a gamble on a Nexus 7 since its issues seem fairly minor and may very well be remedied in due time.