Massive PS+ 13 For ’13 Sale Starts Tomorrow

If you’ve been a bit disappointed by the past few weeks of PSN sales, this week’s sale should more than satisfy you. The 13 for ’13 promotion sees a tad over a dozen games have their prices slashed. LittleBigPlanet Karting goes from $40 down to $20 for the sale, while Plus members can snag it for a mere $10. The Unfinished Swan normally costs $15, but drops to half of that for the sale, and then that price is halved bringing it to $3.75 for Plus members. The other major deals include Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Complete Collection going from $25 to $12.50 for the sale down to a mere $6.25 for Plus, while HOTD Overkill: Extended Cut goes from $20 to $10 to $5, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’13 goes from $40 to $20 down to $10.

A slew of other games are on sale as well, including Machinarium, Jet Set Radio, Nights Into Dreams, Psychonauts, Shank 2, Warp and Jet Set Radio going from $10 to $5 to $2.50 with Plus. A pair of PS2 HD classics go on sale as well with Ratchet and Clank going from $15 to $7.50 down to $3.75, while the original Jak and Daxter goes from $8 to $4 to $2. Plus members can also look forward to getting Foosball 2012 for free, and escapeVector goes from being a WiiWare exclusive to hitting the Vita at $10, with a discount down to $8 for the first week for Plus members. This sale is one of the best yet for PS+ members, with LBP Karting and the Unfinished Swan being absolute must-downloads for me, and Hot Shots Golf being an incredibly tempting deal even as someone who isn’t a die-hard fan of the series. HOTD Overkill is another must-buy given its cheesy shooting fun, and this version delivering the best experience possible for the game.