Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 Madara Scan Confirmed Fake

Before today’s news of DLC costumes, last night brought the rumor that fan-favorite Naruto character Madara was to be included in Ultimate Ninja 3. The rumor came in the form of a purported scan of the latest issue of Shonen Jump, in which the shinobi graced nearly a full page:


The scan was questionable for a few reasons: Shonen Jump doesn’t comes out Monday and leaks normally happen days before plus the fact that while it looks quite good, there’s some questionable aspects that hint at photo manipulation. Lucky for skeptics but unfortunate for Madara fans, Namco Bandai has confirmed it to be fake via YouTube, in response to a user asking about it, stating “Check your sources. the ‘scan’ you’re referring to has been confirmed to be a fake…”