Peter Stormare is “The Replacer” in Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC Trailer

Call of Duty Black Ops II’s DLC pack “Revolution” is due out on Xbox Live January 29th, so what better way to celebrate its release than a trailer with Swedish bad boy Peter Stormare? Stormare is in best form as “The Replacer”, a mysterious muscle-car driving, suit-wearing gentlemen who will step in to player’s life commitments in order for them to have more time with Black Ops II. This includes supporting their significant other during child birth, flirting with co-workers, assembling Ikea furniture and going on a questionable blind date.

It’s hilarious stuff worth watching even for the most dispassionate Call of Duty fans. For those who care about such things, the new DLC will include new multiplayer maps, a zombie map & mode and a new weapon.