Physical SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters Game Almost a Reality

While any fighting fan knows (and has probably devoted hours t0) the SNK vs. Capcom fighting series, its collectible card game spin-off remains undeservedly obscure. Originally released for the Neo Geo Pocket Color in 1999 as “Card Fighter’s Clash”, the game was hearlded as one of the console’s best games, but not heard from again for years due to its quick demise. Unfortunately, when the series was ressurected on the DS, it lost a lot of its magic and had game-crushing bugs. Perhaps the most notable aspect of the game was just how solid the card game actually was. Its rules, depth and gameplay rivaled physical TCGs like Magic and Star Wars/Trek and proved very addictive. As fans of the series can’t easily bust out a handful of Neo Geo Pockets and carts on game night, Card Fighters Project is looking to rectify that with a physical release of the cards.

The Project originally released a free set of downloadable cards a few years ago, but they were largely based on the sprites from the NGPC game and didn’t live up to the beautiful renders and design of modern card games. The new series has been completely redesigned in a very professional manner, resembling something Capcom would themselves license out, featuring hand drawn art work from a number of different contributors. The project made big strides today when a physical deck of the cards was printed (as seen in the below video). Printed on heavyweight card stock, the cards rival the quality of major TCGs like Magic or Star Wars.

A labor of love, no money (or any Kickstarter) nonsense is to be made from the cards, which will be had at a “very, very good price” through a printer at manufacturing and material costs only. Cards include famous faces from both SNK and Capcom franchises including Mega Man, Ghosts’n Ghouls, Fatal Fury, Resident Evil, Street Fighter and Power Stone. Check out some renders below the video.

The project is nearing completion and only needs a few more pieces of professional original fanart, so if you feel up to contributing a piece (pre-existing or not), hit up the official website for for more details.