Tron-style Glass Flooring for the Discerning Gamer’s Man Cave

Having a man cave, or more simply “house” for the single amongst us, is a great place to bring all your gaming, movie and beer passions together, but the most enjoyment from them has always stemmed from the design factor. While it’s possible to make ceilings that look like galaxies and walls with illuminated posters built in, there’s always been an element missing: flooring. Sure, there’s movie theatre style carpet available, but nothing that’s ever screamed “I’m a gamer”. Plus, let’s be honest, your man cave probably has scuffed up linoleum tile or torn up carpeting. So what’s a gamer with an eye for design to do? Get on the grid, of course.

German’s ASB Systembau GMBH will let you do just that, with their new product “ASB GlassFloor“. Dubbed “the most advanced flooring system in the world,” the flooring is made from reinforced glass panels over aluminum substructure and embedded with LED marking lines.


While glass may seem a precarious surface to make flooring from, the manufacturer boasts its durability and laborious manufacturing process, claiming it lasts longer than any conventional floor. This makes sense, as one of the flooring’s main purposes will be as an indoor sport court, ranging from basketball to badminton.

Of course, its commercial prospects and cost of materials will likely render it incredibly expensive, but the novelty/awesomeness of gaming on a luminescent Tron floor should outweigh the possibility of going bankrupt.