New Terraria (Console) Trailer Touts Loads of New Content

Sometimes touted as the next “Minecraft”, the fantastic indie game Terraria was announced last September to be ported to consoles by 505 Games. Details have remained relitavely scarce until today, with a trailer showcasing just about every piece of new content possible for the game. Said to be “better than ever”, the console version of Terraria will include split-screen multiplayer, 8 player online action, a tutorial, a world map, new controls, armor, ultimate weapons, music, enemies, pets and *takes a deep breath* final boss. It’s basically the anthesis of a lazy port.

All of the new content sound like positives for the game, with the tutorial a crucial addition to help with the overwhelming controls for new players. It’s unfortunate that none of this content, in either patch or DLC form, will make its way to the PC version, which can be had for a mere few dollars these days, but 505 who did the updates internally has no rights to the original incarnation of the title.

No release date yet, but the game should certainly be worth snagging for those who have yet to experience its addictiveness when it’s released for XBLA and PSN later this year.