Nintendo Unveils Shin-Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem for Wii U

Nintendo posted something to their YouTube page today that should elicit shrieks of delight from fans of JRPGs: a trailer for crossover title Shin-Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. This is actually a fairly interesting crossover, as both the gameplay and tone of these series is different enough that it is difficult to guess the exact details of what sort of game this will be.


There is absolutely no gameplay in the trailer (or much of anything, really), and I honestly don’t have any idea how this is going to work as a game. Still, that hasn’t stopped me from jumping up and down on my couch in anticipation. You can check out the trailer here, but so far they are being very minimal with the details. The only information you can glean from the trailer is:

1) It is being made by Atlus.

2) It is in development and due to be released sometime in the future.

3) You should be excited.

These are two excellent series, so hopefully Atlus can do something amazing with this combo platter. And hopefully they announce more details soon.  I’d even settle for what kind of game it’s going to be.